Michael Carney started playing soccer in high school and has loved the game ever since. Carney has coached club and high school soccer in Central Indiana and holds a USSF National ‘D’ License. His motivation for the blog was simple; for every Indy Eleven home game during their inaugural season, Carney created his own scouting reports and took notes during the games. He now shares these scouting reports prior to each game in Lady Victory and Her Quest for Glory. During that season Carney was asked to write and contribute to Total NASL. He gives his post game analysis for every home match and appears on the Total NASL Roundtable.

Carney’s other interests in sports include: Chicago Cubs, Florida State Football, Manchester United, New York Jets, Washington Capitals, and open wheel racing. Concerning outdoor sports, Carney believes he is the greatest fisherman in the world, even though majority of his time is spent getting his line out of trees and letting the big one get away.

Currently, Michael Carney is pursuing a degree in Secondary Social Studies Education at IUPUI.


Jordan Kalt began supporting the Indy Eleven in their inaugural season in 2014, adding to the noise of the Brickyard Battalion supporters group. Since then, he and his wife, Gabrielle, have made many new friends throughout the Eleven’s supporter culture and have become founding members of the BYB affiliate group, The Eleventh Plague.

Working by day as a worship leader at Broad Ripple’s Village Life Church, Jordan likes to think of himself as having a hand in leading songs of a different nature from time to time in the BYB (all due respect to the capos, of course).

Jordan also writes for TotalNASL.com where he covers a variety of topics surrounding teams at the national level. Internationally, he avidly follows Tottenham Hotspur and Borussia Dortmund, the latter being his first love, discovered during high school on an obscure cable channel in the brief, discordant seasons under manager Thomas Doll. Now, he hopes in life after Klopp and similarly expects to see the Spurs regain decades-past success in the Premier League.

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