We give our final thoughts on Sunday night’s Soccer Bowl match between Indy Eleven and the New York Cosmos, reflect on the rivalry, and give a score prediction. TH-Trey Higdon. JK- Jordan Kalt. MC-Mike Carney


What does it mean that Indy Eleven and New York Cosmos are playing in this year’s soccer bowl?

TH I view it as a story that only football can write; (presumably) the League’s biggest rivalry facing off for the championship title. There is obvious tension between the two title contenders. Indy had remained undefeated against the Cosmos for two seasons, the only team to have remained undefeated against New York for that time span. Then, to have Indy gain the first “W” between the two, and for that to happen at “The Mike”, solidified the on-going rivalry. While matchup showcases New York’s dominating presence, it’s also a milestone highlighting Indy Eleven’s growth over the course of three seasons.

JK It means we get to see this budding rivalry gain more traction on the biggest stage currently possible. It’s a rivalry built on shared trajectory, dramatic games, differing philosophies, and passionate supporters groups. It’s good, good stuff. 

MC This match-up places not only the two best teams in the league this year, but one of the most heated rivalries over the past three seasons. There are no secrets heading into this match. Every stone has been over turned. It all comes down to which team can throw the hardest punch (figuratively and possibly literally). Macho stud hombre v. macho stud hombre. 


What has been your best memory, so far, between Indy Eleven and New York Cosmos?

TH While Indy’s first win against New York will always be one of my favorite memories, I think I would have to say that the Eleven’s 3-0 home victory in the Fall takes the cake for me. Not only did it feel like revenge for our 0-3 loss away in the Fall, but it also appeared to be one of our club’s most well-played games all season.

JK Eamon Zayed’s last-minute goals at home against the Cosmos back in April. That was when we all realized this team could compete on this level.

MC The very first time I saw Raúl I got chills watching him warm-up. Then, for him to score in his first game and get the assist in his second match at Carroll Stadium, I could not get mad because it was Raúl, one of the greatest to play the game.


Score predictions?

TH 3-2 Indy. Really hoping it doesn’t boil down to PK’s.

JK Honestly, that’s a pretty good score Trey’s got- I’ll go with that, too.

MC There will be goals. But after two periods of overtime it will head to penalty kicks. At which point, may the best man win.
Feature image by Trey Higdon

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