In part three of A Champions Affair, Jordan Kalt, Trey Higdon, and Michael Carney give their take on what they want to see and what to expect from the Eleven-Pachuca match.


“This is a great opportunity for Indy Eleven to continue to make inroads to the Hispanic communities of Indianapolis. Local admirers of Pachuca should be wonderfully impressed by Indy Eleven’s passionate supporters base and will hopefully come again and lend their own energy to future matches. And being clear of Open Cup responsibilities, the Eleven should field a good side while perhaps trying out the likes of new signings, Torrado and Youla. If last year’s international friendly against a Liga MX club was any indicator, this match should feature a grand turnout and an equally fun game.”

Franco Jara celebrating with teammates after scoring a goal for Pachuca. Jara led the team in scoring with 9 goals during the Clausura season. Photo by:


“This Sunday’s match will be another opportunity on the ever-growing list of historic possibilities for Indy Eleven. With our own NASL champions squaring off against another international champion side, and referring back to what [head coach] Hankinson said about this match last month, we have a squad that isn’t looking to take a break; a squad ready to prove to its abilities not only league-wide, but across international borders, as well. With its new high profile signings (Torrado and Youla), Indy Eleven looks to flex its muscles with the use of seasoned veterans in junction with its promising rookies (ie: Mares and Lacroix). While Sunday afternoons tend not to draw a sellout crowd, I believe we can expect an above-average amount of fans in the stands to watch the Eleven continue their successful 2016 campaign.”


“The Hispanic community of Indianapolis is one of the largest growing in the United States. Yet they are still denied one thing- a voice. Today’s match against Pachuca will be a rare occasion where the local Hispanic community has the opportunity to express themselves on a massive platform. This being said, I hope Indy Eleven envisioned the Gerardo Torrado signing as more than just a player that can add depth and leadership to the team. I really hope Indy Eleven see Torrado as someone who can be a voice to the Hispanic community and can bring up issues that politicians, the main stream media, and the general public neglect. As for the game, I am looking forward to seeing how Indy Eleven deals with the pressure Pachuca places on them in their own half. In addition, the Eleven’s defensive shape if they lose the ball as Pachuca looks to make a quick counter. Regardless, this should help the Eleven’s confidence to open up the start of the NASL fall season after taking an MLS team to penalties and playing the champs of Mexico.”

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