In this edition of Lady Victory and her Quest for Glory, I have a short interview with Dan Endonino of The Unused Substitutes.

MC: What are your expectations for the spring season?

DE: For the spring season, I would love to say I expect us top of the table, but in reality, I fully expect a 2nd or 3rd place finish.

MC: Can you briefly talk about some of the key additions the Rowdies have made this off-season?

DE: Key additions. There have been a few. Most notably, Tommy Heinemann. The Rowdies largest issue last season was their lack of goals, which given Tommy’s season last year, looks to be addressed. On top of addressing the forward position, they have surrounded him with a lot of quality in the midfield. Al Hassan, Nanchoff, and Avila stand out the most to me there.

MC: What are your thoughts on Coach Stuart Campbell using a 4-2-3-1 formation and what kind of style fans expect to see from it? (Examples; possession, possession for progression, counter-attack, etc.)

DE: I absolutely love the move to the 4-2-3-1. As we were moving through the offseason signings, I kept trying to figure out how he was going to stuff all that midfield talent into his traditional 4-4-2 he seemed to stick to in Bristol and last year. I said in one of our podcasts, if this is going to work and get the most out of the roster we would have to look at tinkering with the formation and that’s exactly what happened. From the few games we’ve been able to see, possession for progression would be the best way to describe it.

MC: Talk about the strengths and weaknesses of this Rowdies team.

DE: I definitely will go back to the midfield as this team’s biggest strength. Our biggest weakness is still the forward position. With only 3 listed on the roster, we’re putting a lot of faith in Heinemann’s talent and ability to stay healthy. If anything happens to him and Mwanga, our strength in midfield will have to carry a lot larger of a load.

MC: Can I get your prediction for Saturday night’s game between the Rowdies and Eleven?

DE: I have not been able to watch much of the 11’s preseason but given their amount of roster turn over, new coach, and starting on the road, I think the Rowdies win 3-1.


The Unused Substitutes is a podcast covering the Tampa Bay Rowdies of the North American Soccer League.

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